For Students

st.vianeey agricultural project .

It is with much joy in our hearts that we wish to thank the well-wishers and friends for their generous contribution towards the agricultural project at St.vianeey .Through their support we have been able to have a dairy cows ,poultry and rabbit project .These projects aims at improving the children feeding program through milk production,eggs ,chicken and rabbits meat since many families can not afford a balanced diet for their children causing malnutrition amongest the children .The project will also help the children in animal keeping skills therefore equipping them to be responsible citizens in future .Receive our most gratitude for your generous contribution especially in putting a smile in the children faces and giving them hope for a better tomorrow.


our environment our responsibility .

The pupils in collaboration with their teachers conducted a tree plating exercise in their school .The exercise aimed at creating awareness to the children and the community on environmental protection for the current and future generation .

It is our responsibility to protect our environment so that we can reduce on the global warming effect in our country and the world at large .

To sum it all ,we wish to thank our friends and well-wishers for their continued support towards the project .May God Bless you abundantly .

Thank you